Tuomas ‚Gary‘ Keskinen (Interview, Englisch, 2010)

During Monday’s 24 Hours In Pictures Tour 2010 we had the opportunity to get Gary Keskinen for an interview.

How is this going so far?

We had two shows and we are in Germany about three shows and tomorrow we will be in Czech and it’s funny because it’s the first time in Germany.

I red an interview with you and you mentioned you played two gigs abroad. Where were they?

Abroad with Monday?

No, this must have been with Technicolour.

Ah okay, we had abroad in Sweden and Estonia. But with Monday it’s the first time.

So this is the first time abroad with Monday.

Yeah but with Negative I was in Berlin and one time in Japan. Oh yeah and with Monday I have been to Japan for four shows.

How was it playing the band?

Yeah it’s a funny place because all persons are so kind. We love Japanese people and I was there about five or six times and I like this place.

I can’t avoid the topic Negative because you’re mostly known here in Germany through this band. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of being Negative’s touring guitarist?

Yeah but it’s not a touring. I was doing about 50 or 40 shows. I don’t know.

Or just for the time you have been playing there. So do you think Negative gave you the chance to play abroad with Monday?

Yeah, it’s been the same with Technicolour and now I play with Monday and it’s my biggest thing now because last time I played with Negative in Berlin and I was only the touring guitarist. And now I play with Monday and it‘s so funny and we have really great venues and it’s the first time in Germany. 

So would you like to tour in Germany again? Maybe with 4000Man or Ancara?

Yeah maybe we come back next summer and do you know Carmen Gray?


And we do support shows with Carmen Gray all of them and their guitar player called me today and they do a couple of shows in Germany – Hamburg and Berlin – and maybe it’s two months we come back to Berlin again.

I read the upcoming album of Monday should be released in summer. Would you like to publish it here in Germany because people ask for it.

We don’t know. We don’t have a release. I also own a record company and I release my own albums and that’s my heart thing. Maybe we get some release in Germany also for the next album. I think it’s the next album because now we release in Finland next autumn and I think it’s right to release in Germany at the same time because we have a chance because we have Battle of Bands (festival in Czech Republic) and maybe they play our videos.

Are you interested in playing festivals here in Germany?

Of course. Of course we play at any kind of place. This is a small one but our audience are about 50 people. Maybe we have someday 60 people or 2000 people. But I like to play in smaller clubs because they are so intimate. But on festivals many people are so drunk and okay I must play and summer time is really great *laughs*

So are you playing on Tammerfest again?

Yeah, last year we were playing there. 

I know. I was there. And you looked tired. 

I’m really tired but it’s normal because I do some shows with Monday, some shows with Ancara and maybe some shows with Technicolour sometimes.

Technicolour. That’s a good word (everybody laughs). Would you like to record something again with them?

Yeah but we released three albums and I think maybe next year we record something because Jimi (Singer of Technicolour) will release his solo album. Maybe next year but I don’t know yet I have to a new album with Monday and a new album with Ancara also next year. And I have to release all albums because I have my own record company.

So Ancara is going to release through your record company or through another record company?

I don’t know yet because they have a own record company and then I met all these and they have an own record company and I have an own record company. We have two record companies and it’s so a release way if we must release in Finland and we’re tracking some companies in Germany and also in Czech. Maybe some day in the United States.

What can we expect from the 4000 Man album?

4000 Man? That’s though. We have about five songs and *thinks* That is a hard question.

We’re doing it with Lappe who plays guitar in Carmen Gray and now we have a band. We’re doing our first show maybe next month in Semifinal Finland. I don’t know when we will release our album. But ähm that’s a hard question *laughs* We had a couple of rehearsals and we do some songs of course.

So do you also write songs for 4000 Man or only for Monday?

I do many songs in Finland for Popstars artists or Idols artists (e.g. Agnes Pihlava or Kalle Löfström) and I love to do some music but Monday and 4000 Man and maybe Ancara today. We write songs together and I love to do that songs because it’s my life and Monday. It’s so personal. I wrote all songs with Salla and it’s about my own life. That’s the reason why it’s so personal. 

I’ve seen the video for the single ‚Play‘. 

Gary: Yeah? It’s horror movie.

You seem to have a spot for this. The video was shot in a slaughterhouse. Wasn’t it a strange feeling?

It was so strange. It’s my idea. And we were filming that movie because it’s a movie. We were filming it at Salo. It’s a factory and an amazing place. It’s my death. If I get older and older and older. Than it’s some story. The next single is a part of that. 

So there will be a second video?

Yeah. First one is a single and the second one and the third one. 

I have only seen four of you in the video. Salla (vocals), Pete (keyboards), Hank (drums) and you but I haven’t seen Jussi (bass).

It’s with us the video. He’s a big guy but he’s there. Just a couple of seconds. He’s so big and I don’t know. Some asshole. But you have to wait.

I’ve also seen you work on some charity projects. 

It’s Anna hyvää kiertä.

What’s it about? I don’t understand much Finnish. 

I do this for about six years and some charity projects and we donate some money for kids who have problems with their head (sorry I don’t know if mentally handicapped or mentally ill is meant). That’s the whole reason. If we do some tour and we don’t get any money we give some money. Anna hyvää kiertä is a movie about this.

I read about this. In September last year I guess there was a charity concert.

Yeah it’s Elämä Lapselle. But it’s normal and I think every person should do that way. If I do that way it’s okay.

Many people ask “Where’s is that name ‚Gary‘ from?” Can you tell the story of it?

Gary: Gary Moore. And I play Finnish folk music called ‚humppa‘. It’s some dancing rest around. I play it about five years. It’s really hard. Maybe 200 shows every year. I play a lot of Gary Moore. Our bass player said: “ You have to be Tuomas Moore. No, Gary Keskinen.” That’s it. And it’s since 1998 I think. Since the I play Finnish folk music called ‚humppa‘.

You also work with Agnes Pihlava on Agnes and Gary Duo. Do you enjoy the duo gigs?

Yeah, because we play many cover songs from Coldplay and old stuff. It’s really funny because some bars give me some money if I play some guitar.


And you also play some of Agnes own songs.

Yeah we play her last album also and I wrote some songs for that album and I released that album.

I know you wrote “This Moment” but I don’t which other song.

“This Moment” and the bonus track on the Japanese release.

Gothic&Art : Why do actually always countries like Japan and so on always get those bonus tracks? That’s not fair!

I have one of them. (takes it out of his bag). Okay. Here’s the Japanese one. It’s called “Words”. But I have to leave because we are a little bit late.

So it’s time for your famous last words.

Gary: I have to go now!

Special thanks to Carina from Gothic&Art and Gary for having some time for the interview 🙂


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